Online Courses


Online Courses


Do you have a unique request?

ATC can offer individually designed courses for you, your class, or for your colleagues as a group.

Some popular options that we have already worked on include:

Junior STEAM programme 

This is a fun and interactive programme with creative sessions focusing on the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. This programme was designed for international junior students to take during the summer with students joining from several countries. We received great feedback from this course.

We can continue to offer these STEAM topics to your groups. We can offer this as one session per week over a series of weeks, or full time during the school holidays for a mixed group of students. The programme can be taken in sessions of 2 hours per day with an extra activity of 1 hour. Click Here for more details.

Junior Programmes

We have a selection of Junior programmes that have been adapted for online delivery, such as English Language with Irish Culture, European Citizenship Modules, Journalism, Marketing and World of Work.

Teacher Training 

ATC offers a choice of online programmes for mixed groups of international teachers. Alternatively we can offer a closed group at a time that suits you, with 2 short sessions per week over 4 weeks. Please click here for further details.

If you are interested in a particular area of development, specific modules and topics can be integrated into the course for you and your colleagues.

Please Contact Us here to discuss modules and your desired number of hours.

Other bespoke courses include:

English and exam preparation – Our teachers have a great deal of experience in a range of exam preparation, in particular IELTS, and Cambridge B2 and C1.

English and Business – ATC’s teachers are experienced in teaching a variety of business related topics.

English for Professionals/ English for Specific Purposes – This is a blended course of English fluency development while focusing on English for Specific Purposes such as Finance, HR, Insurance etc. Contact Usdirectly to discuss your particular area of interest.

We can work with you and your group to create a bespoke programme whether it is for adults or juniors, with flexibility on the number of hours per day, per week and the time of day.

For further information and a particular request please Contact Us