Online Courses



We are pleased to announce the successful launch of our new range of programmes for high school and middle school groups with a variety of topics to choose from.

ATC Connect has already been successfully provided to hundreds of students in January and February of 2021, it is delivered fully online with students joining webinars, workshops and intensive, interactive lessons.

School groups can choose a package tailored to suit their own curriculum and school timetable; each topic can be offered over half a day, through shorter daily lessons or by 10 weekly sessions to allow the students to develop their project work in their own time.

The suite of unique and innovative material covers specific topics such as English and Journalism, Digital Citizenship, Marketing and Self-Branding and a Business Apprenticeship programme. The courses give students the opportunity to develop soft skills such as critical thinking, communication and interacting online, as well as hard skills such as creating and delivering online presentations

Add a virtual excursion!

The bespoke programme can be ideally concluded with a virtual tour of one of Ireland cultural attractions with location specific background and supplementary information.

All of the courses are led by ATC’s experienced teachers and supported by ATC’s academic and student welfare team.

For information and course topics please contact ATC on: